At 32Gi we always advocate natural nutrition over meal replacements and supplementation. When it comes to sporting events many people are not sure of how to fuel themselves before the event and the pre-training or pre-racing meal is probably the most important meal of the day. If done correctly the pre-race meal will provide you with a stable and loaded energy system to support your performance requirements for your event.
The 3 main considerations of the pre-race meal are:

  1. Timing of the meal The best time to eat before an event would be around 4hrs before which gives the food enough time to be safely digested and ready to use for fuel. However due to early race starts this is not very practical and it’s recommended to eat at least 2hrs before a race.
  2. Size of the meal The size of the meal will be dependent on how long before the race you can eat as well as your body weight. If you are able to consume a meal 4hrs before an event then a 900-1000 Calorie meal would be fine. If however you are only able to eat 2hrs prior to an event then the meal should be smaller in size around 300-400 Calories.
  1. What the meal needs to consist of The pre-race meal choice will depend on the type of athlete you are. Generally a meal will consist of higher carbohydrate content, fat and protein. Fiber should be kept low as it can play havoc with the digestive system especially with pre-race nerves. If you are a low carb higher fat eater then there is no problem ingesting carbohydrates pre-event however select carbohydrates that don’t spike your blood glucose levels and try to consume a higher amount of medium chain triglyceride fats with the meal.
Post exercise recovery is important. There are various aspects of recovery that need to be considered and two of these are blood sugar stabilization and nutrient replenishment. We suggest taking in a recovery shake immediately post workout to immediately get the much needed nutrients into the system. 32Gi Recover tastes great on its own, but we thought to add a few awesome recipes to make your recovery that more rewarding.
32Gi Choc Banana Recovery Smoothie

1 Serving 32Gi Choc Recover

400ml’s of Water

1 Small Frozen Banana (Blueberries or Raspberries Optional)

1 teaspoon Cinnamon
Nutritional Content:

400 Calories (71gram Carbohydrates, 19grams protein, 5,5grams fat)
32Gi Almond Vanilla Chai Smoothie

1 Serving 32Gi Vanilla Recover

1 Cup Ice

400ml’s of Water

2 teaspoons almond nut butter

1 teaspoon Cinnamon
Nutritional Content:

342 Calories (50gram Carbohydrates, 19.1grams protein, 8.1grams fat)
32GI HOT CHOCOLATE RECOVER 1 Serving 32Gi Choc Recover 400ml’s of Boiling Water (Milk optional) Mix Well and Enjoy on a cold day J